Difficulties That Students Encounter With Dissertation Writing

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Writing a dissertation is an integral part of every higher and lower academic program. Hence, we can say that going through the process of dissertation writing is mandatory for students. However, some of the students tend to ask their seniors and academic writing experts to ‘do my dissertation for me because of its high level of complexity. From lack of ideas to time management, the same issues might crop up whenever you sit to write a dissertation. For this reason, learning the common pitfalls of academic writing plays a significant role in improving the overall quality of your dissertation.

There might be some moments of perplexity and mayhem in the process of academic writing but addressing the core issues can empower you to produce a perfect piece of the dissertation. However, no one can deny the fact that writing a dissertation is a quite challenging task for all the students because they have to cover the topic from every aspect. Keeping the complexity of academic writing in mind, we have identified main issues that cause students to lose marks in the exams.

Getting Started:

Writing an impeccable introduction is a significant part of academic writing. For this reason, every student makes an effort to write a well-organised and well-thought introduction as it might have a positive impact on the mind of the reader. However, skipping the pre-writing stages is the most common mistake that students commit in academic writing. Hence, you must identify the core purpose of the essay and brainstorm all the ideas that you are going to present in your dissertation before writing. It will certainly allow you to produce a well-thought piece of text in a short span of time.

Formulating a Thesis Statement:

Articulating a suitable thesis statement is the most critical part of academic writing as it addresses the core purpose of your writing. However, for students writing a proper thesis statement is even more challenging than writing an introduction. Majority of them don’t even know the art of writing a thesis statement. Hence, to write an impactful piece of dissertation students must possess the ability to write a debatable and concise thesis statement.


A dissertation is the final piece of academic writing that has a major influence on your result. If you have written your final dissertation in a great manner, it can contribute to your academic performance. However, collecting the quality information and suitable data to put in your answer is the most substantial thing in dissertation writing. An extensive and thorough research before writing a dissertation enables you to produce an outstanding piece of text with a significant number of unique and new ideas. Hence, you must prefer research prior to writing to augment the overall quality of your dissertation.

Fear of Failure:

Besides all the nominal issue, having a fear of failure while writing an academic paper is also the most common problem that every student encounters. If you are apprehensive about your writing skills then, you can prepare a rough draft before writing a final dissertation. It will lift up your confidence and empowers you to write confidently.

Overall, academic writing is unquestionably a stressful task, but the stress might increase when you are not familiar with prerequisites of it. Hence, you must address your problems to produce an immaculate piece of the dissertation.


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