How To: Publish Your Novel

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The peripheral and the internal layer of writing is such that it demands a great deal of thinking on the part of the individual writing it. It demands patience and a sense of compassion, which radiates an inherent need to produce a narrative, which is truly thought-provoking. As no author writes to merely state their fact, instead they typically strive to invoke a sentiment in their reader’s mind. There are various roadblocks that shall impede the process of writing, the significant one being of finding a publisher that can envisage the vision and one that can steer your writing career to a constructive and resourceful result. However, this particular component of the writing process, is the most stringent, as not most publishers take the step of putting their trust in new authors, owing to the fact that the liabilities associated with them are much higher than with an established author. Therefore, for any individual venturing into this new phase of their life, should beforehand read a few tips and tricks that can smooth out this frustrating and distressing time of your life.

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Re-Write: Yes! Your first draft is never perfect, it is most likely bound to comprise of anecdotes which shouldn’t be placed there, there could be pieces of details which can be added, there could be plot points which can be experimented with. Owing to the swelling numbers of books that are put out in the reading stratosphere, it is paramount to create content that is truly driven by quality. Hence, right after writing your initial draft, work on writing several short drafts.

Self-Edit: The brick and mortar of an excellent novel is how well has it been edited. The reader cannot be immersed and can’t delve into the narrative in a truly satisfying experience if the written content is juxtaposed with overwhelming and frivolous details. Therefore, the writer should place grave importance upon trimming the tapered edges of the storyline. This process allows the writer to refine and polish what can be perfected, without losing the essence of the plotline.

Practical Advice: Sometimes, taking a pragmatic approach is the best pathway to journey upon. In order to secure a book contract, and get a publisher to invest in your vision what is necessary is to create a business plan. Thus, construct a book proposal, as it helps the publisher see the ‘uniqueness’ in your concept.

As a whole, the whole process of putting out your book in front of your reader’s is a tough task to take upon. However, if you take the necessary and diligent steps you can easily disseminate your voice to your audience in a wider sense.

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