Negative Impacts Of Social Media On Academic Performance

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The advent of social media in the past few decades has led to a complete paradigm shift in this world. Communicating different people dwelling in different parts of the world has become easier and simpler. Free sharing of new ideas and thoughts have changed the dynamics of the world. The world has become a global village in which the widespread computer network can spread information in the whole world in a few seconds. The rapid growth of social media has impacted the lives of students in a great manner. The contagious and widespread nature of social media has compelled students to make it part and parcel of their daily lives. Regardless of the age and grade of students, social media has become an undeniable part of their life. Either sitting in a college cafeteria with friends or preparing for exams you will notice students invested in using social media because of its appealing and fascinating nature. Even though it enables students to save their time and energy by availing the best dissertation writing services UK, yet, it has a dark side which cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, it is affecting the overall efficiency and performance of the students. Some of the negative impacts of social media are discussed below.

Waste of Time:  Time is the key to achieve success in life. People who value time never have to face failure and disappointment. The first and the foremost thing which you need to learn as a student is the value of time because it can turn over tables and enable you to ace exams. Using social media excessively without any reason is nothing but a complete waste of time. It detains you from listening to important lectures in class and also complete your pending tasks on-time. Therefore, you must use it when you need it otherwise you will be wasting your precious time on it.

Social Anxiety: According to the world top psychologists, one thing that is ruining the mental health of the people badly is social anxiety. The low self-esteem and depleting confidence in the people is the consequence of the excessive use of social networking sites. A large number of people suffering from an inferiority complex because of the outrageous and extreme trolling on social media is having a negative impact on their performance. Even students are suffering from intensive social anxiety because of excessive use of social media. Therefore, you must deter yourself from using it frequently.

Distracts and Deviates Your Mind: You need to have self-control for preventing yourself from excessive use of social media. Even though it is a challenging task but in order to be more efficient and productive at work, you must deter yourself from using it frequently. It is better to log out of all your social media accounts while studying because it will keep on distracting and deviating your mind. Therefore, you must put aside all your gadgets while studying to avoid distractions.

Social media has positive as well as negative impacts, it depends on how the user uses it.

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