What Is A Dissertation

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It is common for students not having started their university journey to consider essay writing similar to dissertation writing. However, this is a misconception, as the process of dissertation writing extends and stretches itself out for months or years, it requires extensive research, it is extremely demanding in the sort of structure and composition it… Read More

Time management tips for students

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When you’re a student, you have multiple duties and tasks to accomplish every single day. It can be quite exhausting, especially in the final year, when you’re

How to write an impactful dissertation

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A dissertation is an important document required by students to graduate from a university. It is slightly different from a thesis as it is comparatively shorter. It is composed of 10000 to 15000 words depending on your university. Furthermore, it is a sum of all the learning that you’ve carried out during four years in… Read More

How To Write An Effective Dissertation?

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Dissertation writing is an important assessment activity at a graduate level that gauges the skills adhered by the student during the past years. In this activity, the group of students select their topic themselves and work on the details of the opted topic for a year. Preparing a dissertation is a complicated task by nature… Read More

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