What Is The Hardest Thing About Writing A Dissertation?

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Dissertation writing is not a cakewalk task since it requires your blood and sweat to reach the benchmark. You have to invest a whole lot of your time and effort to make your dissertation happen as per the expectations of the evaluating panel. However, you may sometimes reach a deadlock where you may be stranded for the time being. Such situations can either be a byproduct of the lack of funds, lack of material, data collection issues or problems regarding the writing phase of the dissertation.

This means that there are certain hiccups along the way of the dissertation writing that may consume time much more than anticipated. These backlogs may be a result of personal deficiencies or may be a blessing of external factors that may handicap you to move towards the execution of the dissertation product.

Nevertheless, if you are facing a setback because of external barriers, this may consummate a lot of your time since some factors are beyond your control. However, you should try your best to eliminate such errors at your earliest.

If you are lagging behind because of your personal incompetency or that of your teammate, you need to step up your game and eradicate the root cause of such deficiency. In such cases, it is wise to visit your mentor as he can find the accurate solution to such problems and may get you back on track.

Generally, the following tasks are the hardest thing about writing a dissertation:

The Introduction:

The introductory section demands excellent writing skills since it has to provide structure and strength to the main idea of your thesis. This section has to provide the accurate balance between your study and the previously conducted ones to yield the constructive output.

The content of the introduction has to reflect polished writing skills that can adequately bridge the gap between the recent and the past studies in an interesting way, which keeps the reader’s attention intact. This section has to include all relevant definitions plus methodologies to be used in the dissertation study and summarising such detail into coherent words is not an easy task.

Data Collection:

There are four steps in a data collection method that are listed below:

  • Identifying source to collect data from.
  • Select relevant opportunities to set targets.
  • Devise a plan to achieve the targets.
  • Execute the plan.

Many students get strangled at the very first step of the data collection process since they couldn’t identify the medium that can grant them the opted data. Once they are past the identification step, they couldn’t get their hands ion the anticipated resources that can help them set their targets and achieve them in the longer run. In short, in such conditions, the students may experience a lag that may take a toll on their dissertation writing.

Interpretation of Results:

Interpreting your results to the best of your audience’s understanding is not a task that is to be taken lightly. Commenting on the results of your study and interpreting them in a wider context is a daunting task since there can be numerous possibilities associated with a particular topic. It is also required to indicate the results that were expected or unexpected and you have to provide sufficient explanations for the unanticipated results. This may challenge the student’s abilities to the core because none of the aforementioned requirements can be achieved in one go, especially the explanations for the unexpected results have to be concrete enough to support your argument.

These are the hardest parts of a dissertation writing process that requires utmost attention and an eye to the detail. However, if you feel preoccupied with a lot of responsibilities at your end, you can always seek the dissertation help UK. Best of luck!

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