Who Are Some Terrible Writers From The Past Who Were Massively Popular In Their Day, But Are Mostly Forgotten Now?

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We could talk about the Library Of Forgotten Books here, in true Carlos Ruiz Zafon style, but this is not really a blog about him. Besides, his definition of forgotten books would likely not match up with ours. In every age and time, there have been a number of writers and poets, working to put their thoughts into words for the society that they live and operate in. Quite a few of these writers even achieve a lot of success. How long does the success last though?

There have been good and bad novels written throughout the ages, that differed in their subject matter quite frequently also. The subject matter in question could range from the downright moralistic tone adopted in a classic such as the Vicar Of Wakefield to a classic such as Memoirs Of A Woman Of Pleasure that would fall into the erotic literature section. Good, bad, terrible, in spite of everything, there are always writers who are remembered long after they are dead and those whose manuscripts rarely stand the test of time like a dissertation writing company known for its good or bad service.


The Forgotten Writers


  • Ann Radcliffe

If you are a Jane Austen fan and have read all of her books, then you will definitely be very familiar with Mrs Radcliffe of course. In case, you have forgotten, Mrs Radcliffe is quite a personality in Austen’s novel, Northanger Abbey, and has been specifically mentioned as being one of the most sensational, mystery writers of her time. Her novels, often mentioned in a satirical tone by Austen, are the sort that thrill ‘young ladies of tender years, firing up their imaginations and the proverbially tenacious, feminine hold on reality. If you thought Mrs Radcliffe was a figment of Jane Austen’s imagination, you are absolutely wrong. She was, in fact, a very popular writer of her age. In that sense, she was definitely a very successful writer also. Few of her books have managed to stand the test of time though.


  • George du Maurier

While the ‘du Maurier’ part of this name may sound very familiar, remember Daphne du Maurier and her books, George du Maurier is one, not very famous novelist, member of the family. At least he used to be very popular during his time, but Daphne du Maurier’s grandfather did not manage to make any, very lasting impact in the world of literature and prose. His story revolves around a tone-deaf girl, Trilby, who, hypnotised by a music conductor, Svengali, learns how to sing, only to lose her voice again once the master dies.


  • Charlotte M Yonge

Just one sample of her work is the novel Heir Of Redclyffe. The story revolves around a number of characters, the basis of which involves the Christian reformation of the only, apparently villainous character in the story. In exchange for his reformation, this character ends up becoming the eventual heir of Redclyffe. The over moralising of the story has led to its unpopularity in modern times. In its own day though, the book did well enough as a well-loved and popular story.

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