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Cookie Policy for British Dissertation Home

This cookie policy is laid out for the website of British Dissertation Home, where we delineate how we use cookies for individuals visiting or browsing through one or more pages.

What Are Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of code. Each has a specific function and works on the website to improve your user experience. Here we will describe their various types and purposes, what we use for British Dissertation Home, and how you can opt out from them.

Types of Cookies

There are different types based on categories:

Based on Usage

There are two cookie types according to this classification. Essential and non-essential.

Essential cookies are stored on your device when you visit the page. Their only job is to provide you with the information you requested, i.e., displaying the website.

Non-essential cookies can be further divided into three categories: functionality, performance, and advertising.

Functionality cookies save your preferences on the website. For example, they will save your language choice and use it the next time you choose to visit the website. Or,  save your credentials when you create an account, so you won’t have to input information every time, etc.

The Performance cookies store non-personally identifiable statistics. They collect aggregated data such as the number of pages visited, session duration, bounce rate, etc. They are used to identify problems within the site and improve its performance.

Advertising or marketing cookies are third-party cookies that gather information about you and your website behaviour to provide you with relevant advertisements.

Based on Duration

Based on the time they stay active, the two cookies types are session and persistent.

Session cookies stay active for as long as you remain on the website.

Persistent cookies stay active for as long as their hard-coded timeline allows and will remain so until you manually clear them from your browser.

The Cookies We Use

Apart from essential cookies, we use the following on our website:

Functionality Cookies

These are the functionality cookies we use on British Dissertation Home:

Order-Processing Cookies

This site offers a payment facility, and these cookies are necessary to ensure your details are remembered as the order is processed.

Form-Submission Cookies

We host multiple forms on our website such as the contact and message inquiry forms. These cookies will save the details you provide in the form fields, so we can correspond with you and answer your queries.

Performance Cookies

We only use one type of performance cookie to store aggregated (non-personally identifiable) data:

Google Analytics

This is a trusted third-party cookie we use to measure visitor interactions on our website. We only store data that helps us zone in on major UI/UX or other related issues. We use this data to improve user experience and navigation, so users can find the information they need as easily as possible.
For more information on Google Analytics cookies, please visit the official Google Analytics page on cookies.

Disabling Cookies

You can disable the cookies by adjusting your browser settings. However, please note this may “break” some elements on the website. Therefore, we recommend you do not disable them.

British Dissertation Home does not use any third-party or first-party persistent cookies, so you can rest assured you will not be tracked when you have left the website.

More Information

We hope this information has clarified things for you. If you still need more details or have further questions about our cookie usage, please contact us immediately through any of these methods:

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