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One of the most intimidating and fearsome task for students is the act of writing their lengthy and time-consuming dissertation piece. Most individuals studying in the various educational institutions situated across the UK tend to grapple with the situation of writing a dissertation, as most of them are unfamiliar with the task of curating the inherent structure of a dissertation piece. Nevertheless, in such arduous and trying moments, the need arises to make use of a facility, which can provide you an accurately referenced, well-researched and masterfully written dissertation piece, as this allows the content to truly stand out in a crowd of many mediocrely written papers. Nonetheless, certain individuals prefer to pen down their own ideas and prefer to construct the foundation of their content with their own capacity, therefore in order to facilitate their process they should follow certain directives. As these set commandments can enable you to soar through the progression of the process effortlessly.

On the whole, when the student has decided that they shall go through with the headache and pain of writing a dissertation, then they should see to it that they project a layout of their process, as it helps them pave a roadmap. The details that should be included in this dissertation structure draft comprise of:

  • Title Page: Every dissertation should start off with a title page. This is the section where you place your identification details.
  • Abstract: This is the section of your dissertation that will be read first and foremost, therefore significant importance should be placed upon creating a dissertation abstract that is concise but delivers the needful amount of information to the reader. In essence, an abstract is a summary of your dissertation, it should further explain the intent of the title, it should provide a gist of what can be expected in the forthcoming paragraphs and should be quick to review. Hence, the length of the abstract is very paramount, it should be around a page long.
  • Introduction: It is said usually that the first impression is the last. As a result, students should conjure all their creative juices into making sure that they construct a strong and clear introduction. In this segment of the dissertation, students should explain the basic outline of the narrative, you should introduce the topic, you explain why a particular topic is chosen and what you plan on doing with the chosen subject matter. Most introductions smoothly transition into the main body of the narrative. Moreover, students can leave this section of the dissertation writing process till the end, as at the end of the process students are well-versed with the know-how of the subject matter at hand and thus are able to articulate their perspectives in a more coherent manner.
  • Literature Review: In this section of the dissertation, you must lay out all the literature, resources and areas of studies that are being utilised in the research process. All the literary resources utilised to further explicate your concept should be thoroughly jotted down.
  • Research Design: This phase answers the question of ‘how’. In this segment of the dissertation, students should lay out the details of how the research was conducted, which equipment, samples, survey, and materials were put to use in order to arrive at a conclusive result.
  • Results: In this chapter of the writing process, students analyse and elucidate the results that were derived once the said research methods were put in place.
  • Assessment: Students must make it a point to thoroughly assess the arguments and statements stated beforehand, in order to provide a holistic and well-rounded perspective to the reader. The limitations and strengths of your research method should be discussed comprehensively, the validity and usefulness of your research process should also be deliberated.
  • Conclusion: This is the phase where the dissertation is discussed and thought upon in a widespread manner, the perspectives and concepts stated in the narrative should be overviewed once again. Moreover, students should push the extra inch and should see to it that they discuss the future possibilities that are associated with this subject matter. However, on a whole, the conclusion should comprise of a conclusive statement regarding your problem statement.

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