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Moneyback Guarantee

British Dissertation Home offers a moneyback guarantee for all its services. These are the various cases where you may be eligible for a full or partial refund.

1. If You Have Made Multiple Payments Accidentally

There is a chance you may face internet issues while placing an order, and if the page fails to load, you could end up clicking the payment button more than once. It will come as a huge shock, then, when the page finally loads, and you see multiple similar orders placed on the website. If that happens, it is understandable you will worry about your seemingly lost money. In this case, British Dissertation Home will repay the full amount of the accidental payment to you. However, we urge you to be proactive in this case and report the incident immediately. If you don’t, we may consider the multiple orders as separate essays and start working on the tasks. You will not be eligible for the full payment return in that case. Email us or phone 0203-034-0240 to report the incident.

2. If the Manuscript You Received was Not what You Placed an Order for

At British Dissertation Home, we offer content samples for a wide range of academic disciplines. For example, you had placed an order for the topic of microeconomics and have received a manuscript on macroeconomics, you will be fully entitled to get your money back. While our experts are detail-oriented and don’t usually make such mistakes, there is always a chance for human error. And if our investigation into the case reveals the miscommunication was from our side, we will return your money, and if you still have time for your deadline, offer to deliver on the actual topic.

However, if you have made a typo or chosen the wrong dissertation topic, and our writer has provided you with the completed task, neither British Dissertation Home nor any of our staff will be held accountable for the error or be responsible for returning you the money.

If you notice your mistake and inform us before the writer has started work, we will make corrections in your order form and start with the topic you provide us.

If you notice your mistake and inform us after our writer has started working on the dissertation, you will need to pay 35% of the total amount. You will have to place another order with the correct details, and we will include the remaining amount from the previous order in the balance. If you don’t wish to proceed with us and inform us, we will return 75% of the amount to you.

If you notice your mistake and inform us after 50% of the task is accomplished, we will deduct 50% from the order. If you place more orders with us, we will use the remaining half to pay for those, and you will have to pay the remaining charges. If you don’t place an order with us and let us know, we will return the remaining amount to you.

3. If the Content You Received was Incomplete, Plagiarised, or not on Time

If you believe the dissertation you received was incomplete, plagiarised, or delivered after the committed deadline, we will examine the case. If our results corroborate your claim, we will return 100% of your money. However, if our results state otherwise, and the miscommunication is from your end (e.g., submitting an incorrect deadline to us), you will not be eligible for any refund.

4. If You are Not Satisfied with the Writer Assigned to You

If you are not satisfied with the expert assigned to your project, you can request a writer change, and we will provide you with another professional who will be happy to take on the task. But if you still don’t wish to proceed with our services, we will refund the full amount to you.

However, you will not be eligible for our moneyback guarantee if you inform us of the dissatisfaction after receiving the deliverables.

If you inform us of the issue while the writer is working on your task and don’t want to continue with us, we can refund 75% or 50% of the money, depending on the amount of work that has been completed on your project. For example, you will be eligible for a 75% refund if the expert has started writing and 50% if they have completed half of the task.

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5.If You want to Cancel Your Order

Should you want to cancel your order, you can do so and get a full refund if, and only if, you inform us of the situation before we start writing your dissertation. Failure to do so removes you from the Should you want to cancel your order, you can do so and get a full refund if, and only if, you inform us of the situation before we start writing your dissertation. Failure to do so removes you from the moneyback eligibility. However, if you do wish to cancel during the writing process, and if the work has only begun, we can refund you 75% of the total amount and 50% if we are halfway done with it.

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