Being one of the leading academic services in the UK, we are well informed about the needs and demands of our students. Therefore, we have assembled a vigorous and meticulous privacy policy, which safeguards personal details and information of our valued customers. Therefore, in order to ensure that there is no scope for misunderstandings, we implore our students to thoroughly read our privacy policies as establishing a relationship with us is automatically considered an agreement with our principals. Furthermore, changes with regards to our policies are made from time to time, but only to further strengthen our security network.

  • Information Collecting Policy: It is necessary for students to provide essential details such as full name, phone number, address and their designated email when receiving our assistance.
  • Management Of Personal Data: We strictly follow the rules stipulated by the Data Protection Act coupled with the Companies Act and therefore, under no circumstances misuse or reveal your private details, until unless demanded by a law agency.
  • Tracking Policy: Students should be aware that we track their IP addresses and therefore are well aware of their location and the content they view. Due to this very reason, we are able to provide them with custom and tailored services according to each individual’s need.
  • Access To Personal Details: British Dissertation Home has definite and absolute access to your private details, however, we never at any point use this access with a malicious intent. Moreover, clients will be able to access their personal information stored in our database, by just answering a few secret questions which will confirm their identity in a conclusive manner.
  • Information Concerning Our Products & Services: Details regarding our products and services can be viewed on our website. The availability of different discounts and promotional offers will be conveyed to our esteemed customers through their email or a text on their phone number.

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British Dissertation Home is equipped with a customer care staff which functions round-the-clock, in order to help direct our clientele to make decisive decisions. Therefore, get in touch with them by emailing them or by calling them at .

British Dissertation Home is an academic writing service that provides assistance to students. However, the assistance provided by us cannot be submitted by customers as their own work under any circumstances.

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