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Privacy Policy

At British Dissertation Home, our top priority is client privacy, protection, and confidentiality. We understand our customers’ concerns regarding the security and privacy of their details. So, we consider it our ethical duty to keep our clients informed about our terms and conditions. Therefore, we have drafted a detailed privacy policy and encourage our customers to read it before using our service.

In this privacy policy, you will find information about:

  • Reasons We Need to Collect Client Information
  • Processing Client Data
  • Consent of Our Clients
  • The Kind of Personal Information We Collect From Our Clients
  • The Time We Keep Your Information Stored with Us
  • Sharing of Information
  • Processing of Our Clients’ Personal Information
  • Cookie Files
  • Google Analytics and Adwords
  • Withdrawing Consent
  • The Rights of Our Clients
  • Complaints
  • Use of Website by Minors
  • Contact Us

Reasons We Need to Collect Client Information

We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. We only collect client information for legitimate purposes. We strictly adhere to and follow the personal data protection law. Here are the reasons why we collect clients’ personal information:

  • To provide our clients with their requested services
  • To ensure our website content and UI is responsive to the clients’ device
  • To contact our clients concerning their orders
  • To complete any obligations that may arise in response to the contract between the clients and the company
  • To manage clients’ personal information, such as their account, payments and refunds
  • To ensure our website remains safe and secure
  • To notify and inform our clients about any changes in our services or policies
  • To respond to any comments, complaints, or queries regarding our services
  • To conduct statistical, behavioural and research analysis
  • To contact our clients for any marketing purposes
  • To administer and run our website and keep the internal operations working at the optimal level
  • Finally, to suggest and recommend any services the clients may be interested in

Processing Client Data

We process our clients’ information and personal data only if we have certain legal grounds. Please read below for the legal reasons why we may process our clients’ data.
  • Clients’ consent is needed to process certain operations, such as direct marketing
  • Information processing may be necessary to carry out a contract between the company and the clients
  • Information processing is needed to protect the interests of the company and the clients, such as protecting our clients against fraudulent transactions, etc
  • Complying with certain legal obligations

Consent of Our Clients

  • We do not use the personal data of our clients without their consent
  • Our clients could withdraw their consent to use their data at any time if they had previously allowed us to use it
  • The company will stop processing and storing your data if a client withdraws consent and the company does not have any legal grounds for processing their information
  • If a client decides to withdraw their consent, the whole or some part of the company website and the services may not be available to them anymore

The Kind of Personal Information We Collect From Our Clients

Our company collects clients’ personal and non-personal data when they use our website or our services. Here is a detailed account of the kind of information we collect from our clients.

Personal Information

Personal information is the information the company collects from the clients directly.

It includes the information our clients write in when filling the Order Form or contacting us via email, phone, or live chat. It also covers the data our clients provide us when they order any service from our websites, submit any information about their projects, fill out surveys or report a problem. Here is what we collect from our clients:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • Password
  • Academic profile

Collecting this data is necessary to carry out the contract between our clients and the company. It allows us to follow through with the legal obligations of a contract.

Our clients may also provide us with the following information if they fill out a survey on our website:

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Gender
  • Academic level
  • Academic major
  • Family status
We use, store, and process this information only to provide quality service to our clients and improve our services.

Information Collected From Third Parties

As a service provider, we work with different third parties, including but not limited to analytics providers, payment service providers, sub-contractors, business partners, etc. As a result, we may also collect some information about our clients while working with these third parties.

The company, in any case, does not store your payment information. Instead, third parties process your payments. Therefore, we encourage and recommend our clients to review the privacy policy of the payment service providers to make an informed decision about their payments. However, payment service providers may provide us with the following information about our clients:

  • Name of the cardholder
  • Registered email address
  • Mailing address

Information We May Collect Automatically

The company also collects some non-personally identifiable information of our clients when they access our website or use our services. This information may include:
  • Your browser
  • Your device
  • Your IP address
  • Your OS
  • Time zone and country
  • Time and date of your sessions on our website

The Time We Keep Your Information Stored with Us

We keep our clients’ personal information stored on company servers only for as long as necessary for the reasons stated earlier. We may hold your information for longer periods if necessary to comply with our regulatory or legal obligations.

Sharing of Information

We share your personal information with other third parties in the following cases:
  • The information is needed by third parties to complete any specific actions on behalf of our service. Therefore, we share your data with these services only when necessary.
  • We may share your data with external agencies and organisations to avoid fraud or illegal actions.
  • Clients’ personal data may be shared, sold or transmitted as a part of a business transaction in the case of an acquisition, merger, joint venture, financing, sale of the assets or the reorganisation of the company.
  • We may send your information to third parties in case of a court order.
  • Your data may be shared with third parties if you have given explicit consent for it.

Processing of Our Clients' Personal Information

Your data may be shared with third parties located in different countries that you live in. these jurisdictions help provide the company security and safety regarding clients’ data. We are a responsible company. Therefore, we provide as much protection and security to our clients as possible regarding their personal information.

Cookie Files

We use cookies to help improve our customers’ experience on our website. Please visit our Cookie Policy to learn more about how, when and why we use cookies on our website.

Google Analytics and Adwords

We use Google Analytics and Adwords tools for web analysis regarding our website and services. Google Analytics also uses cookies. It means that Google’s server in the USA will store any information you provide us. It allows Google to evaluate how clients use our website and provide us with reports that help us improve our website experience and services. Google may also share your information with third parties if the law requires it or if the information needs to be processed by third parties on Google’s behalf.

If you use a Google-authenticated sign-in ID for our service, Google will collect this information along with other personal data associated with your Google account. These identifiers are also included in the reports we get from Google Analytics.

We use ads on our website. You will see these third party ads when you use our website. Cookies may also be placed on your web browser by third-party vendors to display relevant ads based upon your browsing history. This strategy allows us to create special offers to our clients and display marketing material to the clients using our service.

Our clients have the authority to stop us from using cookies on their browsers. You can change your browser settings to stop the use of cookies on specific websites. However, bear in mind that it may hinder you from getting proper services from our website.

We do not store or use your data for our remarketing programmes. We only use remarketing to include relevant promotions to your website user experience.

Get in touch with our customer support team if you have any additional questions about this policy.

Withdrawing Consent

The company may contact you through text messages, emails or phone calls if you have consent to provide you information regarding any promotions or special offers.

Our clients have the authority to withdraw consent regarding the use of their personal information. We will stop processing your information as soon as you withdraw your consent. All direct marketing efforts will be stopped. Contact us via email or our customer support team if you wish to opt-out of future marketing and promotional materials.

The Rights of Our Clients

As our customers and clients, you have certain rights to your data. For example, you may be asked to verify your identity if you need access to or information about your personal data stored with us.
  • Our clients can request access to the personal information we store and use on the company servers. You may be asked to pay a small fee, depending on the urgency and level of your request.
  • Our clients can request us to correct their data or complete any incomplete information on our servers. You can easily rectify your data with a simple request.
  • Our clients have the right to request the erasure of all their data from our servers. This request can be made in the following cases:
  • The client withdraws their consent from data processing, and we don’t have any legitimate grounds to keep using and processing their data.
  • The client objects to the use of their data, and the company does not have any legal grounds or justified reasons to keep using your data.
  • The client opts out of any direct marketing features.
  • The data processing of the clients’ personal information is illegal and unlawful.
  • The client is a minor.
  • Our clients can request to restrict the use and processing of their personal information if their data is inaccurate or if the clients have objected to their personal data processing.
  • Our clients can also object to using their data on legitimate interests.
  • Our clients can request us to stop using their data for any decisions made by an automated process such as a computer program.


Our clients have a right to lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority if you have any concerns about how we use, store or process your personal information.

Use of Website by Minors

Our services and website are not appropriate to be used by children under the age of 16 years. We also don’t collect, store and process the information of anyone under 16. Therefore, do not use our service or provide any personal information on our platform if you are a minor. The company will immediately delete and stop using any information if we learn a minor provided it. However, if an underage person has entered their data undetected by our system, we are not responsible if it gets used in any way.

Contact Us

We provide easy and secure ways for our clients to contact us. If you have any questions, queries or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, you can get in touch with our customer support team at (insert phone no).

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