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Refund Policy

British Dissertation Home takes pride in offering work that requires minimum revision. Hence, our writers don’t focus on delivering work that may need alteration. Still, we understand there are times when clients need refunds for the delivered work. In such cases, we encourage customers to share problems with us to help us find if they need a revision or a refund.

However, customers may often feel disappointed if they are not aware of our policy. We take this matter seriously and quickly resolve all customer issues about revisions and refunds.

Still, feel free to ask anything concerning these policies. Leave us an email at, and we will get back to you with a comprehensive answer.

Here are some circumstances for which a client may request a refund:

Dealing with Late Orders – Delivered after the Deadline

British Dissertation Home understands that assignments delivered after the deadline hold no value. We always deliver academic manuscripts on time to ensure they offer optimal value to our clients. However, in a rare case, it is possible for a writer to miss a deadline due to miscommunication or an unforeseeable reason.

We urge customers to avoid waiting until the end of the deadline. You can always contact our customer support and let them know if there is a delay in academic project delivery. Most of the time, only a genuine issue hampers the order delivery. Still, we are happy to refund if we are responsible for causing the hold-up.

British Dissertation Home will carry out a complete inquiry if your deadline was missed. We understand the assignment has become useless to you. Based on the collected information, we will provide you with a partial or full refund. We will give you store credits or partial refunds if we have produced original content. However, we will look at each case based on the original deadline shared when placing the order.

However, custom essay services can be relatively different. For example, we often find that the professor would only deduct a fixed percentage of numbers for a delay of 2 or 3 days. If this situation happens, we will need proof of the deduction to give you a partial refund.

Remember, our refund claim process depends on effective collaboration. British Dissertation Home carries out an investigation involving all key stakeholders. Therefore, we need our clients to be attentive in the assignment preparation process. Our experts may leave questions and inquiries for the client and require an answer within a few hours. Deadlines may often get missed because our writers cannot access the necessary information on time. We may not entertain any revision or refund requests in such a scenario.

British Dissertation Home understands our experts may not be able to satisfy you in a handful of cases completely. We will offer you revised efforts and partial refunds in such cases. However, free revisions are only processed when they occur according to the original details. In the case of a specific revision, we decide on a new deadline based on the changed parameters.

Low Assignment Quality – Lack of Compliance

Refunds become applicable if we cannot deliver assignments that fully comply with the instructions. For instance, some assignment instructions may not be relatively transparent, causing our experienced writers to miss the mark. We understand the need for revision or refund in such cases and will happily process the desired solution.

However, getting a revised paper that fulfils the compliance part will void a refund. Once an experienced writer covers any missing points and satisfies the project conditions, the revision can be considered as completing our service delivery.

If the paper is found to be highly plagiarised, British Dissertation Home will provide you with a completely reworked assignment or thesis. However, we will require authentic proof since all our papers are delivered after checking them for plagiarism. If the paper was deadline intensive, we will offer a refund.

What if you aren’t satisfied after scores of revisions? Sometimes, such a situation can arise where it seems nearly impossible to reach a mutual agreement on the quality of work. Our quality assurance unit will assess the paper in this case and declare the percentage of payment that should be refunded.

If you are not happy with the paper’s quality, British Dissertation Home refers the case to our specialised quality assurance department. They will study the assignment requirements to guide the writing team to carry out free revisions or even ask them to redo the paper. However, we only accept refunds within two weeks of submission and wouldn’t offer this service if the client comes later.

Large assignments and dissertations are typically delivered in the form of multiple drafts. Hence, the client must use these drafts and obtain the necessary feedback from the teacher. As a result, any quality issues should be reported as early as possible.

However, a client may report an issue in an earlier draft that has already been used to make up the subsequent drafts. Now, British Dissertation Home will attempt to resolve the client’s issue to the best of our team’s abilities. Still, the client will not be eligible for a full refund or a free redo of the dissertation in this scenario.

Less than the Expected Grade – We Only Promise Quality

Many students are mistaken our service warrants them to achieve a specific grade. However, all our academic work promises depend on delivering compliant papers based on the shared rubrics and other details.

British Dissertation Home assures you will get a paper with perfect grammatical structure and proper formatting. However, it is impossible to control what a professor thinks about an assignment when grading it. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the final score as it often relies on the student’s overall performance during the course year. Refunds will not be issued in such a case.

Receiving a Fail Grade – Based on Shared Proof

British Dissertation Home proudly offers excellent academic writing services where a failed grade remains an anomaly. However, a student may receive such a grade due to many reasons. In this case, we will offer a refund if the student doesn’t have the option to make another attempt.


All revisions and refunds are subject to the project review performed by our dedicated quality assurance team. Their decision will be deemed final in disputed cases. For any queries, please contact us at and learn more.

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